Warriors Burn Bridges!!!

There was once a great warrior who was set up to go against an army that outnumbered his army by the thousands. He sailed his men over to the place of battle, then ordered all the ships burned to the ground. He exclaimed to his men. “The only way we can leave now is if…

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Mastery is a journey, Love it!

It’s easy to get on the path of mastery. The real challenge lies in staying on it.” George Leonard Its awesome you have decided to become a master. You are tired of being a hacker. Big Whoop! Who isn’t tired of being average. You started on the path toward mastery taken by people like, Jonathan Budd, Mike…

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Is Your Operating System Jacked Up?

Is Your Operating System Jacked Up? “It does not really matter how cutting edge the software you have is if it is installed on a faulty operating system you will get errors.” – Darren Hardy If you are having a hard time putting your finger on the exact reason why you do not have the…

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